Electrostatic Precipitators

Boom Age Engineering Solution Pvt.Ltd provides 2-stage electrostatic precipitator catering to a variety of customer needs and providing cost effective solution for oil mist and dry smoke problems on various metal working (metal¬-cutting &metal¬forming) and heat treatment processes / applications.
Dual-stage electrostatic precipitators include two parts: the charging and the collecting sections. In the charging section, the incoming smoke, grease, mist, and other particulates pass through an ionization section which imparts a positive electrical charge to these contaminants. The charged particles are then drawn into a secondary electric field where they are collected on a series of metal plates.

• The Vertical Electrostatic Precipitator has a small foot print and is the ideal solution to industrial fumes / mist problem where there is industrial shop floor space constraint.
• It serves more than 95% industrial fumes / mist extraction purpose due to its high filtration efficiency.
• Compact and sturdy design ensures long life.
• Less power consumption.

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