Fume Extractors:

Boom Age Engineering Solution Welding Fume extractors are capable of extracting soldering fumes, other non-corrosive fumes.Other fume collectors available for acidic, alkaline and other corrosive fumes. Suitable for Soldering/welding fumes, processes generating fumes that do not condense into liquids, certain laboratory processes, etc.

How it Works:

Particles in fumes, smoke or dust stream enter the electrostatic filter through the suction inlet (1) Particles carried by the air stream first enter the prefilter (2) where large particles are removed. The finer particles then enter the electrostatic module (3) where, between a series of parallel aluminium plates, they receive a high positive charge. These positively charged particles then pass through another series of aluminium plates which are negatively charged. Here, the particles are attracted to the oppositely charged aluminium plates and stick to them just like iron filings are attracted to a magnet, but, with one difference, the particles remain adhered to the plates even when the electrostatic filter is switched off. The air, now devoid of particles, escapes through the outlet (5) of the system as clean air. The post filter(6) evenly distributes the air flow through the electrostatic modules. Post filters when fitted with activated carbon granules can control odour & smell. Suction is provided with a centrifugal fan

Welding Fume Extraction Provides total solution:

1. Reduce or avoid the production of welding fumes
2. At-source capture of welding fumes
3. Separate source and human by automation and e.g. an extraction hood
4. General ventilation and personal protection

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