Dust Collectors Cyclones

Dust is the major industrial shop floor pollutant generated by a various of industrial manufacturing processes such as grinding, buffing, metal cutting & polishing. Boom Age Engineering manufactures a wide range of dust collectors.


Mechanical separator using centrifugal force to remove large and high-volume dust from industrial applications. These are typically used for the capture of fumes , smoke ,mist and fine dust from welding , CNC machining , quenching ,hardening , heat treatment ,annealing , soldering , tinning , diesel gensets , curing ,boilers , furnaces , etc.


• To avoid escape of particles, the units are designed to capture dust from the nearest point of dust generation.
• For capturing fine dust along with small chips, a combination of Cyclone & Bag filters, can also be provided.
• As per the requirement dust collectors can be fitted with special Spark Arrestors.
• The Cartridge Bag Filter type dust collectors are fitted with a very effective & adjustable Sequential Air Pulsating Arrangement.
• The dust collectors house various media filters as per applications (pocket/cartridge type filters).
• The Dust Filtration capacity varies from 100 Micron to 1 micron in media type filters.

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